Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!


Ever heard of this saying?

Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!

Think about it for a second.

Let it sink in.

In case you didn’t notice, this saying, which is really a life lesson in and of itself, can be applied to any area.

Not to get all biblical on you, but it does go in tandem with scripture:

As above, so below.”

As long as your ATTITUDE is right, then the sky is the limit in anything that you want to achieve.

You truly can be, do or have anything that you desire.

But there is one thing that you must know.

Although there are multiple pieces to the puzzle, it is your ATTITUDE that is the most important.

It makes all the difference.

Having the right attitude is simply having the proper way of thinking.

Furthermore, you have to decide that you will achieve whatever it is that you want to be, do or have.

In this case, it is your financial freedom.

Just as Will Smith says:

All you have to do is decide, and the universe is going to get out of your way.”

He is 100% correct.

But more than getting out of your way, the universe will actually work in your favor.

And put resources in your path to help you attain your financial freedom.

If Financial Freedom is what you want, you can start right here. Click the link below.


See you at the top!


Did you call off work today?

It is so funny.

Whenever I am out and about in the neighborhood, people always ask me:

Did you call off work today?

Or maybe they’ll say:

No work today?

It is funny to me because the type of schedule that I have is normally for stay-at-home moms or retired folks.

But let’s take a step back and think for a second.

The majority of people have that mindset.

It is just the way that most people think.

More specifically?

It is a train of thought that has been passed down from generation to generation.

During the day, we are to be “hard at workmaking a living.

We are told that we have to do this for 40 hours a week!

For 40 years of our lives!

To retire on 40% of our income

That is what we call the 40/40/40 plan.

It doesn’t make sense when people see someone going against the grain.

In fact, some people will look at you with envy.

They will question how you do it because they just can’t conceive the thought.

Things don’t have to be that way, though.

Whenever someone sparks a conversation, I simply tell them I work from home as an internet marketer.

And if they are REALLY interested, I just introduce them to this incredible program that allows people to go against the grain.

A long time ago, someone told me that in whatever direction the masses go, run in the opposite direction. It took me a while to catch on and figure that out, but it is true.

Are you at the point where people ask you what you do for a living?

Perhaps it is time to explore your possibilities and get the ball rolling:


How to build a downline in any program or business!

If you are involved in any business, it does not matter what you offer or sell; building an email list is essential.

No list, no business, no income!

Are you involved in a network marketing program? You probably need a downline to expand your business.

How do you build a downline? You add to the downline by building an email marketing list–a list of folks who responded to you because you offered something that interested them.

Will they join your network marketing downline? Possibly!

How many people joined your business the first time you talked to them? One in a million? Why is that?

The reason is simple. People buy from someone they know, like, and trust. Just look at your own transaction. Who do you prefer to deal with?

So how can we overcome that hurdle?

Let me introduce you to the power of F.R.E.E!

Folks love getting things at no cost, and humans are attracted to that. Wouldn’t you rather get something for F.R.E.E rather than pay for it?

I hear you; you ask how does that help me build my business?

Forget about your business for a minute, and let’s concentrate on building your email list. Building your email marketing list is a stepping stone to your business success.

Having a group of people who you had contact with fulfilled the first step of the KNOW LIKE and TRUST formula. They are now on your mailing list, and they KNOW you.

Will the folks on your email list join your business? Possibly, but at this point, unlikely!

George, I heard your question–how do I get people on your email list?

And yes, Linda, I heard your question as well–what do I do with those folks on my email list?

Let’s deal with George first. To get people to join your mailing list, we bribe them, no, nothing illegal, an ethical bribe.

You give them something in exchange for their name and email address.

We call this a lead magnet, offering something at no cost that is valuable enough for your prospect to fill in their first name and email address.

That’s all, you ask? Yes, it is that simple. How many times did you fill in your name and email to get something for F.R.E.E? I am sure many times.

Now the hard work starts. What do I give away? It has to have a high enough perceived value for a prospect to sign up to your email list.

You could create a high-value eBook or create a video course. If you are a techie person, write software that helps people in their business.

For most people, this is a huge challenge; however, you could pay someone to do this for you. There are many talented freelancers who would love to take this task off your hands, for a price, of course.

The highest perceived value lead magnets are F.R.E.E membership sites.

Creating a membership site is a huge undertaking, not just in labor but also financially.

And how do you make the membership attractive? Remember the power of F.R.E.E I mentioned?

Let me tell you the story about the Internet Marketing Club, IM-Club.

We spent the last 18 months gathering material to give away, educational courses we can offer, and access to software every marketer can use in their business.

And we will not stop. Every week we add new downloads, new courses, and new tools for online marketers.

And the best part is, it is F.R.E.E! We give away access to our membership at no cost.

And all our members can give away F.R.E.E memberships as if it was their own membership site. How cool is that?

We never advertised our membership site other than test some lead magnets. We just told folks we meet in our daily business activities, “go check this out.”

Word of mouth brought in over 1,000 new members. Why wouldn’t people want to join? It is F.R.E.E!

What happens when you sponsor friends or associates into the IM-Club? Their names and emails are waiting for you in your back office. You are building your mailing list by giving away our F.R.E.E memberships.

You can put your IM-Club downline into your autoresponder, and you got yourself an email marketing list. You can share things of interest or make offers about your business or affiliate products.

Will your new subscribers join your business? That depends on how you develop your relationship with your subscribers. But your chances increased dramatically by sharing the F.R.E.E membership.

And this may answer Linda’s question–what do I do with those folks on my email list?

You nurture your email subscribers by sharing useful information and links to your social media post or blog posts. You keep in constant contact so the subscribers see that you value their time reading your messages.

The one thing you do not want to do is spam your list with offer after offer after offer, and you will lose your subscribers one by one until there is none left.

Use a common-sense approach to nurturing your list of subscribers, and add new subscribers to your mailing list every day and every week. Make it a priority in building your business.

Check out our internet Marketing Club, IM-Club! It is F.R.E.E, and it will not cost you a penny.

And start building your email list by giving away F.R.E.E memberships. Click the link below and create a F.R.E.E account.


STOP being a perfectionist!

Did you ever hear it said:

“Analysis leads to paralysis”?

This is what happens when you think about things so much, to the point
where no action is taken.

This happens very often with perfectionists.

You know … those who believe that they MUST have all of their ducks lined in a row before they start.

The funny thing is that the majority, if not all, of the experience and the learning process, comes from taking action.

But something tells me that you don’t quite fit the bill of a perfectionist.

After all, you did sign up for this.

And that means you’re serious about changing your financial situation.

The problem is that most people don’t know where to start.

The good news is that if people open their eyes, they will find that it’s
been right there in front of them the whole time. Check out the IM-Club. You may find the answer you are looking for.

3 Negative Beliefs That Hold Entrepreneurs Back


3 Negative Beliefs That Hold Entrepreneurs Back

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” – J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. Most of us know this, yet we cling to old negative thoughts – even when they hold us back.

Discarding them and creating new beliefs seems to be a Herculean task. These beliefs (which are usually assumptions and misconceptions) color our world views and justify our actions.

Yet, if we stopped to think about it and ask ourselves, “Where did we get these beliefs from?”… we’d realize that most of them were ingrained in us by our parents, teachers, and other “well-meaning and sensible” adults when we were young.

In most cases, these self-limiting and defeatist beliefs will impede your progress when you decide to become an entrepreneur. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure from the get-go.

Let’s look at some of the most common beliefs that are injurious to your goals:

1. Money makes money

This is probably the biggest fallacy of the lot. This misconception creates a catch-22 situation. You want to get into business to improve your financial standing… but you need money to get into business – and that’s money you don’t currently have.

So you’re doomed.

But is this reasoning valid? Do you really need money to start?

A quick look at some of the biggest business successes on the planet will show you that most of them invariably began from humble beginnings. They started off small and slowly built their way up.

In the same vein, nothing stops you from starting off small and climbing the ladder of business success. It’s resourcefulness and not resources that you need.

Do not count yourself out just because you lack the finances. Rest assured that enthusiasm, confidence, passion, and hard work will help you find the resources you need. In turn, you will be able to employ them to forward your business.

2. Following instead of leading

The world loves a winner and tends to put them up on pedestals. The media gives them coverage. Books are written about them and so on.

Parents, teachers, etc., often tell us to model successful people and read biographies. The goal is to be like these larger-than-life people who define the epitome of success.

Millions of people dream of being the next Michael Jordan or the next Elon Musk. Or the next pop star… and so on.

And yet, if you asked Michael Jordan who he wanted to be, he’d most probably say that he wanted to be Michael Jordan.

Herein lies a contradiction – the leaders of the world (whichever field they may be in) are almost always trailblazers who march to the beat of their own drum. They’re so focused on being the best they can be that they don’t have time to try and be like someone else.

Using a role model to inspire you is a start … but if you want to truly see success, you will need to lead rather than follow. You will need to put yourself in the limelight and be willing to be seen by the masses rather than quietly skulking in the shadows.

You will get accolades and recognition, but you will also get brickbats and hate. This is par for the course. Just remember, leaders, lead. You must lead if you want massive success.

3. Expecting overnight success

A lack of patience has sounded the death knell on more goals/dreams than any other cause.

The current society we live in encourages impatience.

Instant notifications, text messaging, microwaves, instant meals, entire 22-episode seasons of Netflix shows are presented all at once. All that has made us believe that anything can be gotten fast.

We want results, and we want them now. Preferably yesterday.

Life, however, has quite a different setup. Any worthy goal will take you time to achieve. Usually, it will take you longer than you believe.

Like Jeff Bezos said, “All overnight success takes about 10 years.”

You can’t shrink the journey to fit into a 90-minute Hollywood movie.

There is no rousing soundtrack to inspire you. Success is an ugly, dirty fight where you will have to claw your way to the top.

It has ALWAYS been that way.

So, start on an entrepreneurial journey and are expecting overnight riches without struggle. You will be in for a rude shock.

It’s just a matter of time before you discover pitfalls, hurdles, pain, struggles, and a myriad of other problems that you’ll need to constantly overcome.

You may wonder, “Why is this happening to me? Why is it so hard?”

The truth is that it doesn’t just happen to you. It happens to every entrepreneur who wishes to level up. This is the turbulence you need to get past until you reach cruising altitude.

And it will take you time. So, if you lack patience, it is time to tell yourself that you are in for the long haul.

Now that you’re aware of these 3 negative beliefs, you can take steps to fix them and be on your way to success.

To Your Success!
Herb Ratsch



Email Spy Pro Review

Email Lead Pro  is a cloud based search engine that is designed to find emails by Keyword.  It can also search for emails by Social Platform and even download all emails from Websites you are interested in getting contact info from.

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Imagine being able to use a powerful software like Email Lead Pro to search for customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social network.

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You can get all set up and ready to ROCK in under 5 min’s even if you haven’t got a single technical bone in your body…

Your ticket to unlimited leads on demand is getting access to Email Lead Pro today!

Lead Target App Review and Bonus


What is LeadTarget?

LeadTarget is an artificial intelligence lead generation software that has been in development for over a year.

It eliminates the need to create different forms manually for different pages on a users’ website/blog. The software automatically detects the content on the page and single handedly creates a custom targeted opt-in form for that page.

It also has interactive opt-in forms, that work like a chat box. These interactive chat boxes initiate conversations with visitors, and have an automated conversation with them. During this conversation and based on answers provided to the questions, the software collects the visitors information such as their email, name and more.

LeadTarget is super powerful Lead Generation software with advanced functionality but easy to use dashboard with the newbie friendly training.

So in a nutshell, it’s an automated solution to lead generation.

How Does LeadTarget Work?

Lead target works in 3 simple steps. They are as follows....

  • Step 1 - Set up your list in your autoresponder.
  • Step 2 - Install on your website once and add highly targeted and engaged leads the easy, hands-free, way with this artificial intelligence technology.
  • Step 3 - Sit back and enjoy increased opt-in conversions and sales.

Amazing Features Of LeadTarget 

  • The Chatbot 
  • Built-In Analytics 
  • Newbie Friendly Training
  • DFY Form Templates
  • Integrates With All Autoresponders 
  • Simple Installation On HTML, ANY Page Builder And WordPress Websites 

Lead Target App FAQ

Q & A - Lead Target

Affiliate Trax Review and Bonus

Affiliate Trax Review

If you looking for more knowledge about it Affiliate Trax you're in the right place? Please read through my honest review about Affiliate Trax before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Make $721+ Per Day And Build Your List Automatically While You Sell Other People's Products With The Most Complete System for Making Money!

Is that really possible or just 100 percent hype?  Read my review and see for yourself.  But first a quick demo from the Developer of Affiliate Trax...


  • You do not have to worry about creating a product of your own
  • You do not have to stress out about putting together a product launch, writing sales copy, & ensuring you have a converting sales funnel
  • There is no recruiting JVs or affiliates required
  • You can literally begin making money from Day #1
  • Getting begun is as easy as selecting a product to promote
  • Many affiliate programs pay high commissions… 50 percent – 100 percent commissions in most cases
  • & you can build your income to 6 FIGURES very quickly

Brett's Proof

Mike's Proof


Which offers are converting the best for us, so we can select the best offers to promote.

How much profit per client we are making on every offer, so we know how much money we can spend on ads (if we want to go that route) & still make money.

Our refund rates for the products we are promoting… Knowing which offers OUR traffic responds to the best can assist us select the best offers in the future… (and avoid the ones our traffic does not like)


Now, you can grow YOUR list while selling other people’s PRODUCTS…

It was time to put this software to the ultimate test before we released it to the public…
…and that is exactly what we did…

This Pretty Much Changes The Rules FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING..